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Front Fender
F -8  Front Fender      
Item Part no. Part name Q'ty to use
1 45157-K26-900 CLAMP B, FR. BRAKE HOSE 1
2 61100-K26-900ZB FENDER COMP, FR. *R353P* 1
  61100-K26-900ZC FENDER COMP, FR. *NHA87P* 1
  61100-K26-900ZD FENDER COMP, FR. *NHA35M* 1
3 61101-K26-900 RUBBER, FR. FENDER 2
4 61101-KZZ-900 COLLAR, FR. FENDER 4
6 90130-K26-900 SCREW, PAN, 6X18 6
7 94021-06070-0S NUT, CAP, 6MM 1


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