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Bodywork Set, MRX, Painted Repsol 1Bodywork Set, MRX, Painted Repsol 2Bodywork Set, MRX, Painted Repsol 3Bodywork Set, MRX, Painted Repsol 4Bodywork Set, MRX, Painted Repsol 5Bodywork Set, MRX, Painted Repsol 6Bodywork Set, MRX, Painted Repsol 7

Bodywork Set, MRX, Painted Repsol

This bodywork set comprises of the exclusive TYGA Performance MRX body work as shown in the photos. Using special paint pigments to obtain the bright livery as on the factory MotoGP bikes, this kit is supplied with the graphics shown in the photos. By ordering the kit pre painted, it will save money and time over getting them painted locally. This kit can be fitted in a day so there is no down time for your riding!

This kit will instantly transform your bike and make it unrecognisable from the way it looks today. The kit is supplied with all additonal mounting hardware including the meter stay, mirrors and headlight. Note turn signals, front fender, and tail tidy are not supplied with this kit but can be ordered from our website store. We can even paint a set of brand new wheels for free to match the orange if you order the wheels from our site. We also recommend the ultra sticky IRC tyres shown here which were developed especially for the MSX125 grom.

The quality of the paint is excellent but please remember for the most part, this is a handmade and hand painted product. This paintwork is done by our own highly experienced and skilled paint sprayer K Pong. He does all the paintwork for TYGA Performance including our project bikes you see on our website and he also does all our production parts. We wouldn't trust anyone else!

Comes with a free MRX Bike dust cover.

Note this kit is specific to the MSX125 Grom first generation (2013-2015). For the second generation kits, please order BPFS-0155 and BPFS-0156

Note; at the moment, due to strong demand, there is a waiting list of approx 2 weeks for this product. It is important you make your order early to receive it at the earliest possible date.

Fitting Instructions here:

Comprises of the TYGA products below


This product contains the following items:
Upper Cowling (GRP), MiniRacerXtreme, MSX125 Grom1 x  (BPFU-9032) Upper Cowling (GRP), MiniRacerXtreme, MSX125 Grom $205.46US
Lower Cowling (GRP), MiniRacerXtreme, MSX125 Grom1 x  (BPFL-9032) Lower Cowling (GRP), MiniRacerXtreme, MSX125 Grom $143.83US
Seat/Tank Cowling (GRP), MiniRacerXtreme, MSX125 Grom1 x  (BPFT-9032) Seat/Tank Cowling (GRP), MiniRacerXtreme, MSX125 Grom $201.37US
Seat Support. MiniRacerXtreme, MSX125 Grom1 x  (BPFX-9232) Seat Support. MiniRacerXtreme, MSX125 Grom $65.74US
Side Cover, Left, (GRP) MiniRacerXtreme, MSX125 Grom1 x  (BPFC-9032L) Side Cover, Left, (GRP) MiniRacerXtreme, MSX125 Grom $53.40US
Side Cover, Right, (GRP) MiniRacerXtreme, MSX125 Grom1 x  (BPFC-9032R) Side Cover, Right, (GRP) MiniRacerXtreme, MSX125 Grom $53.40US
Undertray, MiniRacerXtreme, MSX125 Grom1 x  (BPFX-9132) Undertray, MiniRacerXtreme, MSX125 Grom $49.31US
Seat Pad, MiniRacerXtreme, MSX125 Grom1 x  (BPSP-0005) Seat Pad, MiniRacerXtreme, MSX125 Grom $31.24US
Mirrors, Pair, MiniRacerXtreme MSX125 Grom1 x  (TYMR-0002) Mirrors, Pair, MiniRacerXtreme MSX125 Grom $12.62US
Meter Stay, MiniRacerXtreme MSX125 Grom1 x  (TYLY-0107) Meter Stay, MiniRacerXtreme MSX125 Grom $150.47US
Headlight, MiniRacerXtreme, MSX125 Grom1 x  (BPLT-0025) Headlight, MiniRacerXtreme, MSX125 Grom $30.42US
Top Triple Clamp, MiniRacerXtreme, MSX125 Grom1 x  (TYLY-0105) Top Triple Clamp, MiniRacerXtreme, MSX125 Grom $107.62US
Handlebar, MiniRacerXtreme, MSX125 Grom2 x  (TYLY-1105HB) Handlebar, MiniRacerXtreme, MSX125 Grom $19.08US
Steering Stopper, MSX125 Grom1 x  (BPSY-0122) Steering Stopper, MSX125 Grom $13.17US
Screen, Clear, MiniRacerXtreme, MSX125 Grom1 x  (SCRE-0159) Screen, Clear, MiniRacerXtreme, MSX125 Grom $31.85US
Dash, (GRP), MiniRacerXtreme, MSX125 Grom1 x  (BPFX-9032) Dash, (GRP), MiniRacerXtreme, MSX125 Grom $41.09US
Paintwork, MRX, Repsol 931 x  (TYPA-0014) Paintwork, MRX, Repsol 93 $409.63US

Cost of separate parts: $1,638.77US

You save $33.01US
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