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Question: In which countries do you have distributors in?


Answer: We have distributors in several countries.which you will find listed HERE

Question: Do you offer painted bodywork?        


Answer: Due to limited capacity, it is only possible to offer the painted products shown on the website

Question: How do I know when a new product is available?


Answer:  This is never easy to answer until the product is ready so please refer to the website for updated information. We cannot always be sure of a launch date of a new product until everything is properly tested. However, if you send us an email, we will be happy to notify you when a particular product is ready for sale.

You can see our latest products by clicking on the arrow to the right of 'What's new?' on the left hand menu.

Question: Do you make a product for my bike?


Answer:  All the parts that we make are listed under 'model'. You can also use our quick find function and simply enter your model or part number in the box and everything will come up. If it doesn't show then we don't make it.

Question: Will part 'ABC' fit my bike?


Answer: 'ABC' will only fit your model bike if we list it as fitting your model bike. We have as much idea as you if it will fit another model so please either order and be prepared for some work to get it to fit or if you don't want to modify it, please don't order a part that is not compatible with your bike.

Our statistics show that around 95% of people who send us an email asking if a certain part can be made to fit another model than the one it is intended for, not only don't order it but rarely acknowledge our lengthy and time consuming explanations of the issues involved, so you can imagine we are getting a bit tired of this one. Please be considerate and only send us an email if you really are serious and have the skills required to adapt a product to fit. Thanks

Question: What currency is your website?


Answer: The default currency is US Dollars but other currencies can be selected by using the drop down menu. For all other currencies, use the currency converter to check to see what the price of our products is in your local currency. if you send us an email asking us to convert a price into another currency, we only have to do the same thing as you anyway...

Question: Do you have part 'XYZ' in stock?


Answer: The easiest way to find out ( if you have the product code) is to use the search function . If it is not listed, then we do not have this part. You can not order if we do not have this part listed. If our stock list says 'contact us for availability' it means there is no stock available at that time and that item is on back order and will be available as soon as we can get it. Feel free to contact us to ask when it will be in stock again.

Question: How do I pay for my order?


Answer: The payment options are shown during the ordering process.

First, select the parts and put them in your cart.

Next, check them out, and go to shipping page.

Select shipping method and then the next step is payment options. Clear instructions are shown when you reach this page.

We accept credit cards through PayPal only or you can pay by bank transfer.

Question: How much does it cost to ship my order?


Answer: The shipping is automatically calculated by the online store. You must sign up for the store and then the system will automatically calculate the shipping cost based on the contents of your cart and the shipping address you give when you sign up. It is accurate in nearly all cases and in the rare cases where it is wrong, we will let you know immediately. If you are worried that you will need to pay for your order, don't worry, you can go back and forward changing your cart to see the shipping calculation as many times as you like before moving to the payment section.

Question: Who are TYGA Performance?            


Answer: TYGA Performance is the brand name for motorcycle products found on this website. The products are traded worldwide by Red Hook International Co. Ltd. Products are manufactured and shipped direct from Pearmain Enterprises Company Ltd, Chonburi, Thailand. Now we have distributors in most markets so please refer to our distributor list for more details.

Question: I am a racer. Will you sponsor me?    


Answer: We would love to, really! However, we are a small company and don’t have the capital to offer much. We know what it is like trying to find sponsors and we wish you the best of luck, but no free exhausts etc. We are prepared to look at your race resume and possibly offer discounts off our products. We are always ready to give free stickers to anyone who asks as long as you can cover the postage.

Question: What is TYGA Performance's policy regarding trade discounts?


Answer: We at Tyga Performance are happy to discuss with anybody about bulk order prices. It is not necessary to be a recognised dealer. We will discuss with clubs, groups or race teams their exact requirements and offer competitive packages.

Question: How can I reach you?


Answer: In short, by email. We like to have contact with our customers and are as annoyed as you about companies that never answer their email. Our policy has always been to answer all emails addressed to us. However, due to time constraints, this is no longer possible and only relevant emails will be answered. Emails requesting parts for models we do not sell, or for information which is listed on the website may go unanswered. Sorry it has to come to this, but we are a motorcycle parts business and we need the time to develop new products.

For prices, please visit the relevant pages on our website. All our prices are clearly shown. For shipping charges, they are shown when you check out your order on the store. No need to pay at this stage, just click the back button on your browser if you are not ready to make the purchase

Please remember that we if you do send us an email, include everything in one concise and easy to read mail. Multiple or lengthy emails merely slow the process down, making it difficult to answer your questions. Please keep a record of any previous mails and select reply not new mail when replying to us so we have reference to your previous mails. Thank you!

Question: Can I visit your facility?


Answer: We don't have a high street store because our sales are almost all for export. If you do want to pay us a visit, please contact us first for an appointment. We are always interested in business but we are often out of the office and work a regular 60 hour week, so please consider this first.

Question: How does TYGA Performance reach its customer base?


Answer: We have been an exclusively Internet based company from the start. We use our website as our store and brochure and communicate with our customers via email.

Question: How long has TYGA Performance been in business?


Answer: We started trading in 1998.


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