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1 42704-MB0-000 AH WEIGHT,BALANCE 10G -1
1 42705-MB0-000 AH WEIGHT,BALANCE 20G -1
1 42706-MB0-000 AH WEIGHT,BALANCE 30G -1
2 42753-GM9-743 AH VALVE,RIM (INOUE) 1
3 44301-KW6-840 AH AXLE,FR WHEEL 1
4 44311-KW6-840 AH COLLAR,FR.WHEEL 1
5 44620-428-000 AH COL,FR AXL DISTAN 1
6 44650-KW6-840ZA AD WHEEL NH196 R WHITE 1
6 44650-KW6-840ZB AD WHEEL YR174 C ORANGE 1
7 44680-410-000 AH RETAINER,GEAR BOX 1
8 44711-KW6-841 AH TIRE,FR 1
9 44800-MF2-013 AH GEAR BOX ASSY.,SP 1
10 44806-MF2-003 AH GEAR,SPEEDOMETER 1
11 44809-402-000 AH WASHER,SPDMT.GEAR 2
12 45251-KW6-960 AH DISK,R.FR.BRAKE 1
13 90105-MV9-003 AH BOLT,BRK DISK 8X2 6
14 90305-GE8-003 AH NUT,U,14MM 1
15 91252-MC7-003 AH DUST SEAL,22X42X7 1
16 91258-410-013 AH DUST SEAL,40X50X5 1
17 93700-05020-0A AH SCREW,OVAL 1
18 96140-63020-10 AH B/BRG RAD N/COM 2


We carry the parts listed below and they are available for immediate processing and shipping in the quantities shown on the website. Please add to your cart and check them out in the normal way.

For the parts listed above we don’t carry them as part of our inventory stock and they need to be specially ordered and are considered ‘special order’ parts.

If these special parts are part of a bigger order which includes parts that you can check out on our site, then please copy and paste the item description and part numbers along with quantities of the special order parts into the comment box on your order and we will add these to your order. We then will need to make an order to our supplier for the special parts so please allow 1-2 weeks for the special order parts to arrive.

If your order only consists of special order parts, and no regular items to check out on our site, please send us a message and copy and paste the description, part numbers and quantities you require and we will reply to you with a quotation within 1 working day and parts will be available for shipping to you in 1-2 weeks from you placing your order.

Note for special order parts:

*The shipping cost will be calculated once the order has been packed and weights measured.

*Any parts listed below are available for immediate shipping and are not special order. They will check out in the normal way. For special order parts not listed below but in the list above, please allow one to two weeks for parts to be ready to ship after we receive your order.

* We may request that you pay a deposit if the value of the goods in the comment box exceeds the value of the parts already paid for and in your cart.

Disc Brake, Front, NSR150SP

Disc Brake, Front, NSR150SP

Disc Brake, Front, NSR150SP…

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